Wednesday, December 12, 2007

World Improvers, Mass Movements and the Sacrifice of the Individual

Look at all the people around you, people with their hopes and dreams. Unfortunately they have got their fearfulnesses and sorrows, the letdowns that tin foul the quality of life. Despite this they travel forward doing the best they can do.

Do the expansive strategies of World Improvers, strategies that totally ignore the feelings of the individual matter? Bashes the megalomaniac who conceives a human race molded after his psychotic beliefs actually assist anybody except other powerfulness seeking delusionals?

Now look at the history of mankind. Did any of the societal systems conceived by World Improvers, those utmost Absolute Moralists, benefit the alone individual? Did the systems of militarism, feudalism, Godhead rights of kings, communism, socialism, fascism, Nazism, or our current system of interventionism really assist anyone except those in power? Didn't the alone person wage for all these black strategies with his life, autonomy and property? Wasn't his lone wages hurting and sorrow?

The last 1 hundred old age stores us with 3 tragical examples.

The Communist Revolution

In 1917 the celebrated Communist Revolution led by Vladimir Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks was supposed to convey us the absolutism of the proletariat. The existent consequence was the famishment of billions and over 70 old age of misery, debasement and poorness in the Soviet Union and its artificial satellite nations. An untold figure of people were sacrificed at the cross of Karl Marx's doctrine of socialism set into action by vicious, powerfulness seeking World Improvers.

Envision this. One summertime nighttime we drop in love. Imagine 2 lovers on a warm, breezy summertime night. They have got discovered each other. They savor the joyousnesses of love. They stare into each others eyes. There lips ran into and there searching linguas entwine. Soon they fall in as one. On another glorious June twenty-four hours they will unify in the religious rites of Holy Place Matrimony.

Does a World Humanitarian really care about the hereafter these immature lovers have got planned or the summertime nighttime when they consumed the sweet nectar of love? Or is his megalomaniac strategy for "improving" the batch of human race all that substances to him-no matter who he have to sacrifice?

Hitler and Nazism

A peculiar immorality flagellum was the rise of Naziism in Federal Republic Of Germany and Hitler's effort at world domination. The doctrine of Naziism was alkali on garbled socialist theory, bad economic science that resulted in the forfeit of millions. It's estimated that over 6 billions Jews perished in Nazi decease camps. Once again people were sacrificed for someone's delusional dreamings and the mass motion that followed.

It's the vacation season in a little northeasterly town. The afternoon sun is shining brightly signaling the end of a wintertime storm. A immature female parent with her little babe boy at her bosom regards outside at the snowfall covered hills. The icicles hanging on the tree by her window reflect the visible light back to the gleaming in her eyes. The love of her life, her husband, the baby's father will soon be home.

This is their first Christmastide season together. As a household they will turn together. She will maturate into vivacious successful woman. He is becoming a successful businessman, an model hubby and father. She daydreams of her babe son, so little and precious, growing up into a healthy immature adult male who may some twenty-four hours do a difference in the world. Her lone sorrow is that twenty-four hours will come up when she have to allow him travel to his independence. She cognizes she can't freeze the many fast ones of time.

The World Improver, culprit of wars, revolutions and mass murders. He would destruct the hills of clean achromatic snowfall and the encompassing woods. The fire of decease runs all the icicles and kills all life-as man, animate beings and works perish. He would turn the warm, cosy house of the immature couple into smoldering ruinations of decease and destruction. What for? For his psychotic beliefs of grandeur.

Iraq, Terrorism and Horse Opera Civilization

Now we have got the menace of extremist spiritual terrorists who will halt at nil to destruct Western Civilization. The horror and slaughter of the Twin Towers states the atrocious story.

On the other side we have got the mightiest empire on earth, the mightiest armed forces military unit in the history of mankind. Tens of one thousands of people have got been killed and wounded in Iraq. And what for? To convey peace and democracy to this state of chaos. And for what end? What is the intent when authorities interventionism, inflation, corruption, warfare and monolithic autonomy misdemeanors are enough in itself to destruct Western Civilization? The terrorists won't have got to raise a hand. We are doing it to ourselves.

The World Improvers have got the best of both worlds. They are controlling both sides of the conflict. In fact they are controlling human race political relation on a monolithic scale. The lone possible consequence is mass destruction. The forfeit of guiltless individuals.

What is more than important? A household celebrating their daughter's 16th birthday. That 1 delicious twenty-four hours in a life of probably 30,000 years or more. Joined by the 17 twelvemonth old male child who worships her as a teen angel. Or the World Humanitarian who would give this minute for a so-called better society based on his delusions. You decide.

And you must decide. What will it be-- a human race gone insane and finally destroyed by World Improvers and our ain entry to them? Or will we finally recognize that those cherished minutes in the life of an individual are all the really matters.

Robert A. Meyer

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