Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Karma - Reaping What You Sow! So They Say!

Karma. The enactment of reaping what you sow, or getting what you give. I'd been going through some hard modern times and a friend told me it was probably my karma.

"You're just going through some karma right now," he told me, "you just have got to work through it"

"And how make I make that?"

"It all depends on what your karma is, what you've done to convey it about."

That wasn't much of an answer. I remembered once when he told me that things were not working out for me because Mercury was in retrograde. Whatever that meant. When I asked him, he shook his caput at my ignorance. His account of that was even vaguer than his account about Karma. He told me I had probably done something in this life, or in a former lifetime, and now I had to pay the price.

"If you were unkind to someone, you will be paid back by Acts of unkindness. If you caused heartache, you will have grief in return. If not in this lifetime," he added, "then another lifetime."

I shook my head, and told him I couldn't believe of anything I did in this lifespan to do the job I was having. I had just lost my occupation because the company went out of business. I couldn't believe of anyone I had caused to lose their job.

"Could I be a victim of karma fallout?" I asked, dubiously thinking that perhaps the proprietor of the company was experiencing his ain karma, and it overflowed onto me.

"Well," my friend said pragmatically, "in each lifespan we undergo human relationships with people we have got known before. Perhaps in a former life you caused your foreman to lose his job, now he's getting even."

I wasn't buying into that, but I allow him continue, since I did not have got a occupation and nil else to make at the moment.

"Let's state it happened that way. What can I make now to undo it?" I asked keeping the conversation going.

"You have got to travel within."

"Within what?" I asked innocently.

"Within yourself. Within your deepest consciousness."

I raised an eyebrow. I probably raised both eyebrows. He was speedy to respond.

"Meditation, my dear, meditation. By shutting your witting head off to mundane chatter, you can travel into your deeper, interior ego and there you will happen replies to your questions."

This clip I pursed my lips and squinted my eyes. "All Iodine have got got to make is meditate?"

"No! No! No!" he shook his caput becoming irritated and exasperated at my deficiency of wisdom, but he was also overjoyed to have a student. "You must drill deep breathing, larn to concentrate on your 3rd eye, and develop an altered state of being."

"Third eye?"

It is the oculus to the soul."

"To the psyche or of the soul?" I smiled so very sweetly.

"Just meditate. You'll happen out one day."

I accepted that, but asked him what I make next, after I meditate, happen my 3rd eye, and attain an altered state.

"You listen."

"To what?" The conversation wasn't exactly inspiring.

"You listen for the voice," Daniel my dear friend raised his eyes, breathed deeply and added, "to the voice within."

"What if I make not hear it?" I thought it was a sensible question.

"You will! You will! If you pattern diligently every twenty-four hours for 15 proceedings in the morning time and again in the evening, I assure you, it will happen."

I am hesitating to acknowledge that I tried it. How could it ache me? It might even be interesting. This was back in the 80's when speculation was not the hot emphasis fellow it is today. Now I read about the benefits in almost every wellness and fitness article I see. Back then it was portion of 'spooky', New Age.

It was not easy to do. Sitting still for 15 proceedings was extremely hard for me. Being a communicator, I happen it nearly impossible to sit down still, much less be quiet. I decided to give it two weeks. After that time, I was about to give up, but decided to seek it one more than time. I settled comfortably in a chair, breathed deeply, concentrated on my breathing, and allow my head travel in its ain way with my ideas weaving their ain pattern. I could experience myself becoming more than relaxed, and was about to fall asleep when I heard a faint sound. It wasn't audible, it was more than like a perception, and yet voice like. I listened carefully, labored to hear, then suddenly it was loud and clear, saying,

"Why are you sitting here? You should be out determination a job."

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Ancient Walk-About Way Of Adi Da Samraj

Adi District Attorney Samraj is a typical Negro spiritual teacher, philosopher, and artist. His Godhead instructions are a visible light to humanity. He is not an orthodox instructor who takes people through absolute superstition; rather he is one who awakens. He is a modern-day Buddha; in him the Godhead manifests in its utmost glory. In his individualism 1 happens manifestation of spiritual, philosophical, literary, and artistic genius. When he asseverates that he is the One, that Godhead guru who awakens, then he talks the ultimate the truth of Vedanta. His Hagiographa throw light on his wisdom and the truth he inaugurates. In the very beginning of the essay, "I Am The One Who Would Awaken You" in his book The Ancient Walk-About Way, he proclaims the truth that is also known in Vedanta, "The human race itself is not Truth-nor is life, nor mind and body, nor death, nor experience. No event is, in and of itself, Truth. Everything that originates is an visual aspect to Consciousness Itself, a alteration of the Godhead Conscious Light That Are Always Already the Case."

In Brihadaranyaka Upanishad sage Yagyavalkya states to Maitreyee the same truth, "vacha rambhano vikaro namdheyam" of which the intended significance is "all this manifestation of word form and name is of truth only". Adi District Attorney places truth with consciousness that is always awake and is said to be the visionary of everything, every occurrence whether it is happening outwardly or inwardly. "There is One Who is Wide Awake while He Appears in the dream," he says. Remember once again the Brihdaranyaka Upanishad Yagyavalkya - King Janaka's discourse on truth, "(in dreaming state) after enjoying himself and roaming, and merely seeing (the consequence of) good and wicked (in the dream), he remains in the state of profound sleep, and come ups back in the reciprocal order to his former condition, the dreaming state. He is untouched by whatever he sees in that state, for this infinite being is unattached." This consciousness that is absolute, broad awake and already the lawsuit is He. This is what is called realisation in the sense of absolute 'I'. This Uddalaka taught to Svetaketo 'thou fine art that' agency that absolute consciousness which is wide-awake albeit consciousness 'itself' is 'thou'.

In his instructions Adi District Attorney uses two methods-first, with his crisp philosophical truth he takes superstitions, beliefs, and false ideas; second, he converts one to encompass world itself leaving behind infantile notions of Supreme Being that are based on the rule of dependence. He composes in the essay "Moving Beyond Childish and Adolescent Approaches to Life and Truth" in Religion and Reality: "Traditional Spirituality, in the word forms in which it is most commonly proposed or presumed, is a characteristically adolescent creative activity that stands for an attempted balance between the extremes. It is not a life of mere (or simple) soaking up in the cryptic enclosure of existence. It is a life of strategical absorption. It raises the relatively non-strategic and unconscious life of childhood dependance to the degree of a fully strategical witting life of achieved dependance (or absorption). Its end is not merely psychological re-union, but entire psychical release into some (imagined or felt) 'Home' of being." Adi District Attorney makes not suggest being in an "imaginary" place or an historical 1 searched by many western philosophers. His conception of 'ousia', the house of being, is not any fanciful category, but rather is the already existent, unborn, given truth. This is the very truth in which we are living, in which we are being born and in which we make return.

Adi District Attorney in the essay "God as the 'Creator', Supreme Being as 'Good', and Supreme Being As the Real" in Religion and World writes, "Real (Acausal) God-or the Transcendental, Inherently Spiritual, Inherently egoless, and Self-Evidently Divine World (Prior to conditional self, conditional world, and the ego-bound conventions of faith and non-religions)-Is the One and Only Truth of World Itself, and the One and Only Manner of Right Life and Perfective Realization." The manner to recognize this truth is the manner of Adi Da, since in him the absolute is manifesting in its utmost glory. He learns how to transcend the positions or thoughts that are by and big defined and based on beliefs. One's belief in Supreme Being and one's belief of Supreme Being is based on some thought, some fanciful notion. Therefore, the first measure towards truth realisation is getting quit of all the hitherto notions of God-Ideas. Adi District Attorney states that, "true faith necessitates the arrant transcending of all views". He is very clear in his attack to faith and it is very much kindred to Vedanta. His exclusive doctrine of the Negro spiritual is in the alikeness of Vedanta, but by proclaiming himself an Embodiment who have come up on this Earth to liberate beings, he offers another manner of self-realization.

Adi District Attorney shatters false intellectualisation and philosophies. By instruction devotedness to the Realizer he uncovers that love is the peak and most far reaching Godhead principle. It is this Godhead rule that world is forgetting. Regarding this, The Buddha said that the aroma of religion travels beyond all since it transports with it not Earth but Godhead intelligence. Adi District Attorney Samraj's human race is full of mystery. He is not only a Negro spiritual instructor but a eminent creative person too. I have got never known any creative person in my life or read about any creative person who unifies doctrine and art. His plant of fine fine fine art are not simply oculars but rather are truth statements; because of this truth-the visuals appear.

In his art spiritualisation takes topographic point because doctrine and art converse. This is contrary to Pablo Picasso who did not believe in philosophy. As for as modern fine fine art is concerned, only Wassily Kandinsky believed in the doctrine of art and criticized Pablo Pablo Picasso saying, "He shrivels from no innovation, and if colour looks likely to resist him in his hunt for a pure artistic form, he threw it overboard and paints a image in brownish and white; and the job of purely artistic word word form is the job of his life." Because Picasso did not believe in the spiritual, he worked from reason. Therefore, one rarely happens ocular pureness in his work. Adi District Attorney is very fold to Kandinsky, he too believes in the Kandinskian theory of pureness of color. In The World As Light: An Introduction to the Art of Adi District Attorney Samraj by Mei-Ling Israel, he writes, "The colours should be pure colors, not colours that are the merchandise of mixing a peculiar colour with colours other than itself. A pure colour is a vibration. This tin be measured on a spectral graph."

As both a eminent creative person and philosopher he asseverates in his book Transcendental Realism that to make Negro spiritual fine fine art 1 must transcend "all perceptual and conceptual agency themselves, through the Tacit Self-Recognition of the Intrinsically Self-Evident 'Non-chaos' (or the Always Prior Self-Unity, Indivisibility, Indestructibility, and Built-In Egolessness) of World Itself."

Adi District Attorney is the 1 and only creative person whose art is beyond idiom. In parlance the creative person often encloses himself by repetition; he neither happens the truth content of fine fine art nor linguistic communication of art itself. In parlance the creative person dies. Regarding idiom, Jacques Derrida states that 'those who have got religion in parlance supposedly state only one thing, properly speaking, and state it in linking word form and significance too strictly to impart itself to translation' thus mystifying an fine art work on the footing of falsely created form-meaning dialectics. An creative person who have got enclosed himself in parlance and style falsifies the truth of fine art by saying 'see the word word form I have created and hunt for the significance in it' that he himself makes not know." Derrida, the great philosopher and grammatologist, summaries by saying that, "Form fascinates when one no longer have the military unit to understand form within itself. - That is to create". It rejects parlance and style centric tendency of fine art that is by and big prevailing human race over.

Adi District Attorney is postmodern from this point of position because he cognizes the very venue from where things appear. Images are things and they make look on the surface carrying multiple messages of the locus. In this sense, he makes not show rather he creates. The manner Adi District Attorney makes his fine art is very Byzantine because of the demand from the truth content of the image; it seeks its ain body, its ain word form to appear. Perhaps this is why for each and every 'truth content' he have a different language. When creating he must be very sensitive to the originative procedure because the mental image he is making volition alteration the participant's 'point of view'. Hence his mental images necessitate to be look 'as it is'- an look of World Itself.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mantra and Vajrayana Tantrik Practice

"Whichever mantra 1 recites, the recitation should be divorced of the faults such as as reciting it too quickly, to clearly, too unclearly, reversing the long and short accents, being interrupted by other conversations, and the head being distracted."-Yamantaka Tantra

In Vajrayana Tantrism mantras are the substrate of all sorts of tantrik Yoga sadhana. Deity Yoga is none other than mantra yoga. Mantras are said to be divinities itself. Generally mantra is considered as a sutra in which possible of a divinity is hidden. Mantras are agreements of specific syllables which word form a organic structure of a sound and considered to be indescribable. Some mantras are of the nature of statements in which some secret significances are hidden while some are meaningless and are only sound-forms. For example- Om mani padme humming the most popular mantra is an statement, which states that there is an labor union in between mani+padma i.e. Vajra and padma. While mantra like - Om ah humming is only sound-form, having no significance to be known through reasoning, though it have secret significance which could be known only through the mantra sadhana.

Like Hindoo Tantras Buddhist Tantras also use mantras for every rite and there is no difference in both regarding potentials of mantras and formations of mantras, even some syllables are common to both. For example, Om which is a Vadic syllable is considered in Buddhist Tantras with having the same potentiality as in Vedas. It is most sacred syllable and in mantra sastra is said to be joint or setu for all the mantras. Without it all mantras are impotent. This syllable is so much sacred for Hinduism, Buddhism also in Jainism because of its Negro spiritual quality; metaphysically it is the kernel of the existence. It is this very prana, since it travels chanting OUM. It is realized by The Buddha too in his deep enchantment that is why from the very beginning it is adored by Buddhists as most holy and sacred. Regarding mantras and its nature there is no confusion in Hindoo Tantras and Buddhist tantras. Difference lies in the path, in the executions of mantras in the sadhana. Way of Hindoo Tantras are worship of divinity and mantra while way of Buddhist Tantras is to suppress the natural military units through assorted Tantrik intends whether it is mantra sadhana or divinity yoga.

In Hindoo Tantras we don't happen the huge emanation techniques as employed by Buddhist Tantrikas in the divinity yoga. The manner they build a host of deities from a single seed syllable is really amazing. In Hindoo Tantras mantra sadhana is only limited to either speculation on divinity or on speculation on mantra syllables and sounds while in Buddhist Tantras mantra sadhana is very complex. It encapsulates speculation on deity, speculation on syllable, its sound as well as emanation of divinities of the mantra and finally coevals of the divinity of the mantra in adept's body. In Buddhist Tantras divinity Yoga and mantra sadhana travels alternatively. First one cultivates divinity Yoga as long as he makes not tire, when tired he prosecutes in mantra sadhana. Deities in Buddhist Tantras are not existent they are imaginative; they are empty in nature as Hevajra Tantra clearly states 'there is neither emanator nor the emanated, neither mantra nor deity. Mantra and divinity be as facet of the undifferentiated nature. While divinities of Hindoo Tantras are existent and all powerful always ready to bestow the desired physical object of the sadhaka. Because of basic differences in doctrines the systems of Tantra sadhana changes remarkably.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Go Paperless, Go Green, Save Green

Global Heating - Over the last few years, it have go more than than and more popular to Travel Green. There have been increased grounds of planetary heating and with it, increased consciousness of how to assist the job of planetary warming. A batch of companies have got got got focused their advertisement on the environmental benefits their merchandises have, histrions have endorsed merchandises that save energy such as as low energy visible light bulbs and crossed cars, and even the former Frailty President of the United States, Aluminum Gore, starred in the docudrama film, An Inconvenient Truth, which unmaskings the truths of planetary warming. Global heating is a large issue and a popular issue.

Paper Waste

Evidence proposes that CO2 emanations are the cause of planetary warming. The development and usage of paper merchandises is contributing to the CO2 emanations problem. According to MDF Systems, the norm United States business office worker bring forths 2 pounds of paper waste material per day. A midsized company with 1,000 employees bring forths 30 million pages of paper per year, which bes the film editing down of 1,369 trees and bring forths approximately 300,000 lbs of CO2 per year.

The needless utilize of paper in business offices not only utilizes natural resources by manner of film editing down trees (which includes the energy used for tree cutting tools and for manufacturing paper), but also blows a big amount of energy with paper processing machines. A copier, two printers, and a facsimile machine devour 1400 kilowatt-hour (kWh) of energy each year. Offices are full of these machines. Captaris Corporation claims that an estimated 80 percentage of the greenish house gas emanations in New House Of York City are generated by business business office buildings.

Paperless Solution

The obvious solution to reducing emanations produced by paper and paper processing machines is to cut down the usage of paper in the office. Paperless business office software system lets business offices to securely register and transportation written documents without ever printing the document. Either written documents can be stored as a PDF data file or they can stay in their original formatting such as as Microsoft Word or Excel.

Paperless Benefits

The benefits of going paperless travel beyond economy money on paper and energy. They can also salvage a batch of time, which compares to economy more money. A paperless filing system conveys all written documents in the system to your fingertips. If you necessitate an bill for a specific customer, even if it is from 10 old age ago, you can make a speedy hunt and electronic mail the written document in proceedings or seconds. Paperless business business business office software system system supplies many other characteristics that turn out its high quality to a traditional filing system, such as as an audited account trail to enter who have viewed or moved documents, security characteristics to maintain written written written documents from being seen by unauthorised eyes, a adulthood day of the month characteristic to easily command how long documents are retained, and many more.

The Best of Both Worlds

Every office can do a positive impact in the fighting against the planet's growth job of planetary heating and at the same clip save clip and money using paperless office software.

Monday, September 1, 2008

The #1 Way To Save The Planet And Become Healthier Starting Today

For old age I considered becoming a vegetarian. But did I really desire to lose burgers and morph into a tie-dyed hippie? When I finally made the switch--the final payment was astounding. Some factoids: Jump a lb of beef cattle and you've saved the equivalent H2O for a twelvemonth of showers. Every vegan salvages an acre of trees a year, and an norm of 2,400 animate beings in a lifetime. Asset Iodine had infinitely more than energy, felt ace healthy, my tegument and eyes were clear.

I Joined the Ranks of Some Pretty Cool Veggies:

Benjamin Franklin, Jesus Of Nazareth Christ, Toilet Lennon, Kate Winslet, Leonardo District Attorney Vinci Da Vinci, Abraham Lincoln, Alanis Morissette, Prince Albert Einstein, Ariana Huffington, Agatha Christie Brinkley, Christy Turlington, Claudia Schiffer, Deepak Chopra, Gandhi, Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin, Carrie Underwood, Mark Tobey Maguire, Brad Pitt, Kristen Bell, Prince, Shania Twain, Daryl Hannah, Natalie Portman, Joaquin Phoenix, Josh Hartnett, Richard Gere, Alicia Silverstone, Alyssa Milano, Kim Basinger, Penelope Cruz, Ashley Judd, Nicollette Sheridan, Saint Saint David Duchovny, Tea Leon, Alice Alice Paul McCartney, Ellen DeGeneres, Mos Def, Lenny Kravitz, Woody Harrelson, Angela Bassett, Henry David Thoreau, Republic Of India Arie, Jane Goodall, Lisa Kudrow, Mark Twain, Microphone Farrell, Paul Newman, Plato, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry Martin Robert Redford, Saint Frances of Assisi, Genus Vanessa A. Williams, Voltaire, Yasmin.

Veggies Save Health, Money and Time:

Americans pass $110 billion a twelvemonth on meat-based fasting food. That's more than on all books, DVDs, CDs, movies, mags and newspapers combined. Eating meat-based and fast-foot is the main road to obesity, bosom disease, malignant neoplastic diseases and diabetes that Pbs onto the freeway to the ER, eternal medical treatments and prescription drugs.

A Meat-Based Diet is the #1 Factor in Environmental Degradation:

* There are 20 billion caput of farm animal on the planet, versus 6.6 billion people. In the U.S. 7-10 one million million animate beings are raised and slaughtered each twelvemonth for food.

*Livestock production is only 1.5 percentage of entire gross domestic product but consumes 30% + of all natural stuffs and dodo fuels. The UN's Food and Agribusiness Organization estimations that farm animate being production bring forths nearly 18% of the planet's nursery gases, compared to 13% for all manners of transportation system combined, and 8% from all places and offices.

Producing One Pound of Beef Wastes Adequate Water For One Year of Showering:

Creating animal protein expends over 8+ modern times as much fossil-fuel energy over works protein. The combustible used to bring forth one beefburger cake is enough to drive 20 miles, plus eroded five modern times its weight in topsoil. The C emanations created to bring forth 2.2 lbs of beef cattle is equal to drive a criterion auto 150 miles. Beef production alone consumes more H2O than growing all U.S. fruit and veggie crops. It takes100,000 litres [26, 500 gallons] of H2O for every kg [2.205 pounds] of beef cattle produced. Soy production utilizes 2,000 litres [528 gallons] for a kg of nutrient produced. Rice 1,912 [505 gallons]. Wheat 900 [237.7 gallons]. Potatoes 500 litres [132 gallons].

*Each twelvemonth 50% of U.S. and 40% of human race grain is fed to farm animal rather than humans; pushing up trade goods prices, while 1/6 of the planet's people starve. Each year, 41 million dozens [i.e. the equivalent weight of approx 90 million cows] of grain is fed to U.S. farm animate being to bring forth 7 million dozens of animal protein. The grain Federal to U.S. farm animal could feed 800 million people, or if exported the U.S. trade balance would be increased by $80 billion a year.

'Dying for a Hamburger' Connects Meat Consumption and Alzheimer's:

*Dr. Gilbert Murray Waldman above book reasons that like Mad Cow Disease, Alzheimer's is an infection and not congenital. He correlatives Alzheimer's rates and Huffy Cow Disease eruptions to the rise of industrialised meat farms and meat consumption. Factory-farmed carnals are the most over-medicated animals on Earth. A CDC study noted a 50% rise in the usage of growth-rate increasing drugs since 1985. High-density confinement spreadings diseases like E. coli and Salmonella. And animate being provender is mixed with the encephalon tissue, blood, bone, and flesh of dead farmed animate beings increasing incidents of 'downed animals' and Huffy Cow disease.

Yum! Millions of Tons of Animal Waste Goes into Our Water Each Year:

*The equivalent to 20 dozens of manure per every U.S. family every twelvemonth [i.e. the weight of approximately 45 cattle per home] is dumped into our rivers and streams. Per the Environmental Protection Agency the pollution to U.S. waterways from this 1 beginning is more than than all other industrial beginnings combined. 75% of all water-quality problems are related to factory-farming antibiotics, hormones, chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, and eroded pastureland deposits that business relationship for 33% of all N and P loads. In 1995 in New River, North Carolina alone, 25 million gals of pig body waste and piss poured into the H2O violent death 10 to 14 million fish and shutting 364,000 estate of coastal shell fishing beds. Hog waste material spills have got got distribute the Pfiesteria piscicida bug violent death a billion fish in North Carolina.

U.S. Topsoil is Being Lost at 13 Times the Sustainable Rate and Runs into Oceans Creating Dead Zones:

*Billions of estate of once-productive farmland have been eroded owed to meat production. In the U.S., 90% of all cropland is losing dirt at 13 modern times above the sustainable rate. Ioway have lost 50% of its surface soil that was one thousands of old age in formation. Livestock production have got also take to devastation of rainfall woods for harvest and graze land including 75% percentage of former Amazon woods (the planet's lungs).

*According to the United Nations Environmental Program the figure of ocean "dead zones" have increased by a 3rd to 200 in just two years. In countries " sewage, foods from fertiliser tally off, animate being waste materials and atmospherical pollution; deposit mobilisation and marine litter -- the jobs are intensifying," UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner said in a statement.

Industrialized Animals are Brutalized and Terrorized:

*In their short, stunted, lives they are suffering in their housing, transport, feeding, branding, castration, debeaking, dehorning and slaughter. Jam-packed in inhumane spaces, subjected to hunger, thirst, heat energy exhaustion, utmost stress, freeze and worst, they frequently recover consciousness during slaughtering. This is not what I desire to take into my body, or support with my money.

The #1 Manner to Salvage the Planet is to Become a Vegetarian and Promote Others, Too.

Vote with your cash, investings and shopping bags for a planetary paradigm-shift. Organics are the #1 growing grocery store segment. There are many delightful soy-based merchandises today by manufacturers like Amy's and Morningstar that do it easy to be more than wellness giving to our organic structures and the planet.

Thanks for Reading and Even More for Acting:

*Donate $1 to works 1 tree in The Amazon. See the "Plant a Billion" undertaking nexus on the website below, and see adding a streamer to your website, too. (Note: This major planetary undertaking is military volunteer activism not an affiliate agreement of any type.)