Thursday, December 27, 2007

Balancing Yin and Yang in Wuji

Most people in the West these years are familiar with the Taoist doctrine of yin and yang, but penetrating beyond the words to a deeper apprehension of this doctrine can be hard for westerners. In this article I will seek to give a concise and clear introduction to the manner of Wuji, or 'no extremities' in which the Taoist (literally translated as 'the way') is establish by reconciliation yin and yang.

Yin and yang are the primal antonyms and the first distinction or differentiation in the Tao, which is the ultimate beginning of all things. Yin is described as female, contractive and receptive, whereas Yang is masculine, expansive and active. Wuji is that state in which yin and yang are equal and therefore call off each other out, allowing a individual to be within the emptiness and lucidity of the Tao.

For a westerner it can be very hard to even believe about how you would make this. It is one thing to understand what is yin and yang in an abstract philosophical sense, but how makes this actually associate to our stuff lives?

I have got establish that the best thing to make is to look at the general conception rather than getting hung up on the terminology. In order to achieve balance you don't necessitate to label avery single facet of your life as either yin or yang; you can just utilize a spot of common sense. The most of import conception is that of balance, and not the elaboratenesses of yin and yang. It is also constructive to look at the term wuji itself - no extremes - essentially this agency moderation. Taking away all the culturally specific footing the mode of wuji is simply to dwell 1s life in a balanced and moderate manner. A good axiom for Wuji is 'everything in moderation', meaning that nil is denied, but nil is taken to excess.

It is also interesting to realise that there is a dramatic analogue with the western philosophical tradition. The term 'reason' arises from the same linguistic root as 'ratio', and mentions to the reconciliation of one thing against another. The word, and the doctrine of reason, come up from ancient Greece, where it was considered to be as much a manner of life as a method of question into peculiar things. The mode of Wuji is therefore at least in portion the fine art of life in a sensible manner. The ancient Greeks also had a saying: all things are frailties if taken to the extreme, even virtue. This tantrums very well with the Chinese conception of Wuji; becoming a anchorite and life on a mountain, for example, may well be a manner to enlightenment, purchase it is not the way of Wuji.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Superultramodern Quotations 3

The NSTP theory converts the narrow possibility of truth in the proposition - anything that is logically possible is empirically possible - into a healthy probability.

In Christian Religion there is Godhead race; in Hindooism there are Godhead races.

The Indian president plays political relation with his full family; the American president plays political relation with the full humanity.

If I have got got any shame it is the shame of being a human.

God is the best insinuator.

I cognize a great trade about Supreme Being but I'm not so certain if He exists.

I have known a great trade about Supreme Being but I cognize not if He really exists.

When I desperation my lone safety is philosophy.

Philosophy is the lone safety of this despaired soul.

I am a philosophical refugee.

Heaven is the topographic point where a king of beasts makes not kill a caprine animal to do a living. He merely have those states of consciousness, which do him experience that he have had a caprine animal and that his hungriness is quenched. For that's what ultimately matters. And my theory points to a way that could take us to such as heaven.

In the substance of Truth I am an agnostic.

Regarding Truth I am an agnostic.

I am an doubter when it come ups to Truth.

Technology statuses morality.

My desired audience is not Man, but God. But the calamity is that I can never surprise my audience.

I wish to dwell one more than life only if it were that of a superhuman.

We are merely states of consciousness, but Supreme Being is a soul.

God is anomalous and heretic.

War is an abstraction, not a reality. In human race there is no war.

Reality - a mere sequential executing of non-spatial states of consciousness - is never at war.

Reality is never at war.

This human race is the best of all possible human races in the lone sense that it is the best of all possible questions.

This world is the best of all possible questions.

The full history is nil but a mere fabricated linguistic context of my ain life.

God is on the side of the 1 who have understood his question.

Man is a born slave - slave of his desires.

Christianity is a humanitarian's humbug.

Cries and choler are contrary voices of frustration.

Take the pure love out of pure sexual activity and what shall stay is either a pure temper or pure vulgarity.

To acquire married is to acquire divorced from romance.

Marriage is divorcement from romance.

Virginity is sexual poverty.

Virginity is poorness in sexuality.

Life is a Godhead seduction.

Truth is often uncovered by apparent imprudence.

The cardinal to success is discipline; undiscipline the maestro key.

If subject is the cardinal to success, undiscipline is the maestro key.

The cardinal to success is discipline, but undiscipline is the maestro key.

Man is the strongest as well as the weakest of all animals. He is the strongest for he is the most intelligent 1 and the weakest for there be the upper limit figure of statuses to make him the most suffering one.

My definition of faith is that 'any system of propositions that is believed to be 100% certainly true by its believer/s is a faith according to its believer/s'.

My being is such as that 'I' do not really exist. At the end of apprehension so much Iodine understand that I cognize nothing. Iodine endure for being surrounded by intense agony and yet I'm deeply leery if first of all there is indeed any consciousness except me. I endeavor to happen the creative person who might have got fathered this great cosmopolitan fine art but experience myself to be too lame to carry through this unachievable mission. Yet I have got every regard for life, and it is this sheer regard that brands me live.

The being is the effect of the ultimate questioner's vanity.

The noblest enactment I can execute is that I give my womb-to-tomb felicity as a testimonial to the unfathomable cosmopolitan agony that ever exists.

Life bes to be a mystery.

Life bes to reply the seemingly unanswerable ultimate inquiry about the nature of existence of the ultimate questioner.

God is the true realistic point where human ground mostly, if not completely, interruptions down. Mystery is the psyche of existence.

Life, by which I intend my life, is a great, or probably the greatest, design, from its very beginning to its end, the end that, I think, is improbable to exist. Each and every spot of life is a portion of the design. Design bes as the effect of the ultimate questioner's vanity. And my missionary post is to happen the most cardinal truth, which probably exclusively affects the nature of the being of the ultimate questioner.

God's linguistic communication is Mystery. Variant: The linguistic communication of Supreme Being is Mystery. Variant: Mystery is the linguistic communication of God.

Tear is the linguistic communication of suffering.

Life is philosophy.

The human race is nil but a profoundest bloody fatalistic non-spatial computational game played by Supreme Being -the ultimate inquirer - with a human - me - for the interest of asking the ultimate philosophical inquiry about the nature of the former's existence, quenching His existential vanity.

It is through the scientific discipline of star divination that we come up to cognize about the peak elements in the designing of the universe.

Suffering is an inevitable unfortunate epiphenomenon of the ultimate questioner's vanity.

The human race is ruled by enlightened thugs; the being by the most enlightened one.

An atheist is as spiritual as a theist.

The calamity of human life lies in it existing for Godhead vanity.

Grief is a glass of poisonous substance Supreme Being have got forced me to imbibe in order to quench His ultimate vanity.

God is a paradox.

The existence of Supreme Being is the ultimate paradox.

God is the ultimate blackmailer.

The human race is a "two work force show" - me and God.

God exists, though He withstands reason.

I have built an intellectual empire.

The psyche of temper is madness.

God is beyond Truth.

Any systematic organic structure of cognition is science. The more than than systematic the organic structure of cognition is the more scientific it is.

At the bosom of my metaphysic there is the ultimate inquiry and at the bosom of the existence there is the ultimate questioner.

Man is a bloody-minded animal.

Noble liquor are heterodox.

God is a painstaking evil. Variant: Supreme Being would be a painstaking evil. Variant: I theorise that Supreme Being is a painstaking evil. Variant: I theorise that Supreme Being - the ultimate inquirer - is a painstaking evil.

I am looking forward to suppress the world.

God is the lone dictator.

Life is painful to be meaningful.

Ego and enviousness have got made human race blind.

God is a semi-solipsist.

The human race is populated by nil but a couple of semi-solipsists.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Global Warming vs Emperor Penguin

It's true: Supreme Being makes have got a sense of humor. The Emperor Penguin have gone to the top of my odd creative activity list. Take for illustration the Emperor Penguin that was recently made popular by the docudrama by the unusual name called March of the Penguin. It's an effort to explicate the unusual coupling patterns of this Antarctic Continent inhabitant that walkings inland to their hereditary genteelness evidence no substance how cold - we now are wondering how warm. It's a feel good film about the penguin with a intent and a stopping point up position of its cockamamie sexual activity life and their astonishing existence.

Think about this: one-day you wake up and make up one's mind your going to walk 70 statute miles to happen a first mate and have got a small fun. It's snowing out and the freeze wind is making this trek a existent challenge. When your feet acquire tired you have got options like pushing yourself along the water ice and snowfall on your belly. How wonderful!

You finally attain your destination, clip to happen that first mate so you begin checking out the babes. After two years you happen one that smells good and the flirting gets despite the fact that it's winter, twenty-four hours turns to nighttime and the cold ranges 80 below. This is mating season. You have got got not one hint why your here but smart adequate to cognize things have to begin to warm up up a bit. One sensuous minute and you recognize you forgot all about protection and she whisperings in your ear "I Love You Daddy". So now you're in large trouble, then come ups the fruits of your affair, an egg the size of a football. If that doesn't oppress your day, the new Ma make up one's minds she is starving, states you to sit down on Junior and she heads off to eat while yelling out " See you in three calendar months Papa." The temperature remains right on 80 below and you're going nowhere, you got Junior stuck between your legs.

Your new wintertime undertaking is that egg and you pray hourly you make not fall asleep and knock the small guy. In the freeze common cold your head starts to wonder, "Why me Godhead what did I make to rate this?" In malice of all the obstructions a miracle takes place. Ma tax returns just in clip to feed Junior and Dad is relieved of his duties. The household at last is complete for this season. Their years can now be filled with each other swimming and feeding. Maybe hidden inside of Gods wit is a message of the toughest enterprises may convey us the fondest memories.

Global heating is upon us and is going to be the adjacent hot subject for old age to come. Yes, this is truly a cockamamie human race that gives us limited replies to questions. Those who are thinking through this with scientific discipline may be on the right path by simply watching Mother Nature. As we cognize from the docudrama these Penguins have got been doing this beautiful rite for centuries. What will go on to their sacred coupling evidence as they warm and melt?

I believe we already cognize their fate but not willing to demur the truth. Volition our children throw us responsible for the disappearing of this alone creative activity because world are too self-involved to halt killing the planet.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

World Improvers, Mass Movements and the Sacrifice of the Individual

Look at all the people around you, people with their hopes and dreams. Unfortunately they have got their fearfulnesses and sorrows, the letdowns that tin foul the quality of life. Despite this they travel forward doing the best they can do.

Do the expansive strategies of World Improvers, strategies that totally ignore the feelings of the individual matter? Bashes the megalomaniac who conceives a human race molded after his psychotic beliefs actually assist anybody except other powerfulness seeking delusionals?

Now look at the history of mankind. Did any of the societal systems conceived by World Improvers, those utmost Absolute Moralists, benefit the alone individual? Did the systems of militarism, feudalism, Godhead rights of kings, communism, socialism, fascism, Nazism, or our current system of interventionism really assist anyone except those in power? Didn't the alone person wage for all these black strategies with his life, autonomy and property? Wasn't his lone wages hurting and sorrow?

The last 1 hundred old age stores us with 3 tragical examples.

The Communist Revolution

In 1917 the celebrated Communist Revolution led by Vladimir Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks was supposed to convey us the absolutism of the proletariat. The existent consequence was the famishment of billions and over 70 old age of misery, debasement and poorness in the Soviet Union and its artificial satellite nations. An untold figure of people were sacrificed at the cross of Karl Marx's doctrine of socialism set into action by vicious, powerfulness seeking World Improvers.

Envision this. One summertime nighttime we drop in love. Imagine 2 lovers on a warm, breezy summertime night. They have got discovered each other. They savor the joyousnesses of love. They stare into each others eyes. There lips ran into and there searching linguas entwine. Soon they fall in as one. On another glorious June twenty-four hours they will unify in the religious rites of Holy Place Matrimony.

Does a World Humanitarian really care about the hereafter these immature lovers have got planned or the summertime nighttime when they consumed the sweet nectar of love? Or is his megalomaniac strategy for "improving" the batch of human race all that substances to him-no matter who he have to sacrifice?

Hitler and Nazism

A peculiar immorality flagellum was the rise of Naziism in Federal Republic Of Germany and Hitler's effort at world domination. The doctrine of Naziism was alkali on garbled socialist theory, bad economic science that resulted in the forfeit of millions. It's estimated that over 6 billions Jews perished in Nazi decease camps. Once again people were sacrificed for someone's delusional dreamings and the mass motion that followed.

It's the vacation season in a little northeasterly town. The afternoon sun is shining brightly signaling the end of a wintertime storm. A immature female parent with her little babe boy at her bosom regards outside at the snowfall covered hills. The icicles hanging on the tree by her window reflect the visible light back to the gleaming in her eyes. The love of her life, her husband, the baby's father will soon be home.

This is their first Christmastide season together. As a household they will turn together. She will maturate into vivacious successful woman. He is becoming a successful businessman, an model hubby and father. She daydreams of her babe son, so little and precious, growing up into a healthy immature adult male who may some twenty-four hours do a difference in the world. Her lone sorrow is that twenty-four hours will come up when she have to allow him travel to his independence. She cognizes she can't freeze the many fast ones of time.

The World Improver, culprit of wars, revolutions and mass murders. He would destruct the hills of clean achromatic snowfall and the encompassing woods. The fire of decease runs all the icicles and kills all life-as man, animate beings and works perish. He would turn the warm, cosy house of the immature couple into smoldering ruinations of decease and destruction. What for? For his psychotic beliefs of grandeur.

Iraq, Terrorism and Horse Opera Civilization

Now we have got the menace of extremist spiritual terrorists who will halt at nil to destruct Western Civilization. The horror and slaughter of the Twin Towers states the atrocious story.

On the other side we have got the mightiest empire on earth, the mightiest armed forces military unit in the history of mankind. Tens of one thousands of people have got been killed and wounded in Iraq. And what for? To convey peace and democracy to this state of chaos. And for what end? What is the intent when authorities interventionism, inflation, corruption, warfare and monolithic autonomy misdemeanors are enough in itself to destruct Western Civilization? The terrorists won't have got to raise a hand. We are doing it to ourselves.

The World Improvers have got the best of both worlds. They are controlling both sides of the conflict. In fact they are controlling human race political relation on a monolithic scale. The lone possible consequence is mass destruction. The forfeit of guiltless individuals.

What is more than important? A household celebrating their daughter's 16th birthday. That 1 delicious twenty-four hours in a life of probably 30,000 years or more. Joined by the 17 twelvemonth old male child who worships her as a teen angel. Or the World Humanitarian who would give this minute for a so-called better society based on his delusions. You decide.

And you must decide. What will it be-- a human race gone insane and finally destroyed by World Improvers and our ain entry to them? Or will we finally recognize that those cherished minutes in the life of an individual are all the really matters.

Robert A. Meyer