Friday, December 21, 2007

Global Warming vs Emperor Penguin

It's true: Supreme Being makes have got a sense of humor. The Emperor Penguin have gone to the top of my odd creative activity list. Take for illustration the Emperor Penguin that was recently made popular by the docudrama by the unusual name called March of the Penguin. It's an effort to explicate the unusual coupling patterns of this Antarctic Continent inhabitant that walkings inland to their hereditary genteelness evidence no substance how cold - we now are wondering how warm. It's a feel good film about the penguin with a intent and a stopping point up position of its cockamamie sexual activity life and their astonishing existence.

Think about this: one-day you wake up and make up one's mind your going to walk 70 statute miles to happen a first mate and have got a small fun. It's snowing out and the freeze wind is making this trek a existent challenge. When your feet acquire tired you have got options like pushing yourself along the water ice and snowfall on your belly. How wonderful!

You finally attain your destination, clip to happen that first mate so you begin checking out the babes. After two years you happen one that smells good and the flirting gets despite the fact that it's winter, twenty-four hours turns to nighttime and the cold ranges 80 below. This is mating season. You have got got not one hint why your here but smart adequate to cognize things have to begin to warm up up a bit. One sensuous minute and you recognize you forgot all about protection and she whisperings in your ear "I Love You Daddy". So now you're in large trouble, then come ups the fruits of your affair, an egg the size of a football. If that doesn't oppress your day, the new Ma make up one's minds she is starving, states you to sit down on Junior and she heads off to eat while yelling out " See you in three calendar months Papa." The temperature remains right on 80 below and you're going nowhere, you got Junior stuck between your legs.

Your new wintertime undertaking is that egg and you pray hourly you make not fall asleep and knock the small guy. In the freeze common cold your head starts to wonder, "Why me Godhead what did I make to rate this?" In malice of all the obstructions a miracle takes place. Ma tax returns just in clip to feed Junior and Dad is relieved of his duties. The household at last is complete for this season. Their years can now be filled with each other swimming and feeding. Maybe hidden inside of Gods wit is a message of the toughest enterprises may convey us the fondest memories.

Global heating is upon us and is going to be the adjacent hot subject for old age to come. Yes, this is truly a cockamamie human race that gives us limited replies to questions. Those who are thinking through this with scientific discipline may be on the right path by simply watching Mother Nature. As we cognize from the docudrama these Penguins have got been doing this beautiful rite for centuries. What will go on to their sacred coupling evidence as they warm and melt?

I believe we already cognize their fate but not willing to demur the truth. Volition our children throw us responsible for the disappearing of this alone creative activity because world are too self-involved to halt killing the planet.

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