Friday, January 9, 2009

A History of Arabia - Part One

The Arabian Peninsula have being populated by assorted civilizations for over 5,000 years. However, except for a few metropolises and oases, the hostile environment prevented much colony of the peninsula. Islamism began with Elijah Elijah Muhammad sermon at Mecca before he moved to Al Madinah from where he united the folks of Arabia.

A sequence difference as to who would win Muhammad as leader of the Moslem community split the population. Mecca became the Negro spiritual Centre of the new faith and Al Madinah became the political Centre of a united Muslim state under the califs who succeeded Muhammad. Arabian regular armies swept through and conquered Syria, Egypt, Persian Empire eventually ascendant Northern Africa and the Spanish Peninsula. However the moving of the caliphate to Capital Of Syria in 658 and the displacement of the Centre of Islamism to Bagdad in 751 led to the diminution in the importance of the Arabian peninsula.

Indeed, from the eight century, Arabian Peninsula was merely a state controlled by the Abbasid califs of Baghdad. In 1258, the Mongols conquered Bagdad and from that clip Bagdad no longer held any sway in Arabia. Instead, much of Arabian Peninsula drop under the control of the Emirs, who were Moslem princes from Egypt. Following the Turkish conquering of Egypt, the Turks took control of the peninsula. Under the reformist Elijah Muhammad ibn Abd aluminum Wahhab, Arabian Peninsula experienced a spiritual and patriot revival. The Wahhabis took Mecca from the Turks in 1802 and Al Madinah in 1804. However, the Turks soon regained the two metropolises and struggle continued between the two sides until World War One.

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