Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Karma - Reaping What You Sow! So They Say!

Karma. The enactment of reaping what you sow, or getting what you give. I'd been going through some hard modern times and a friend told me it was probably my karma.

"You're just going through some karma right now," he told me, "you just have got to work through it"

"And how make I make that?"

"It all depends on what your karma is, what you've done to convey it about."

That wasn't much of an answer. I remembered once when he told me that things were not working out for me because Mercury was in retrograde. Whatever that meant. When I asked him, he shook his caput at my ignorance. His account of that was even vaguer than his account about Karma. He told me I had probably done something in this life, or in a former lifetime, and now I had to pay the price.

"If you were unkind to someone, you will be paid back by Acts of unkindness. If you caused heartache, you will have grief in return. If not in this lifetime," he added, "then another lifetime."

I shook my head, and told him I couldn't believe of anything I did in this lifespan to do the job I was having. I had just lost my occupation because the company went out of business. I couldn't believe of anyone I had caused to lose their job.

"Could I be a victim of karma fallout?" I asked, dubiously thinking that perhaps the proprietor of the company was experiencing his ain karma, and it overflowed onto me.

"Well," my friend said pragmatically, "in each lifespan we undergo human relationships with people we have got known before. Perhaps in a former life you caused your foreman to lose his job, now he's getting even."

I wasn't buying into that, but I allow him continue, since I did not have got a occupation and nil else to make at the moment.

"Let's state it happened that way. What can I make now to undo it?" I asked keeping the conversation going.

"You have got to travel within."

"Within what?" I asked innocently.

"Within yourself. Within your deepest consciousness."

I raised an eyebrow. I probably raised both eyebrows. He was speedy to respond.

"Meditation, my dear, meditation. By shutting your witting head off to mundane chatter, you can travel into your deeper, interior ego and there you will happen replies to your questions."

This clip I pursed my lips and squinted my eyes. "All Iodine have got got to make is meditate?"

"No! No! No!" he shook his caput becoming irritated and exasperated at my deficiency of wisdom, but he was also overjoyed to have a student. "You must drill deep breathing, larn to concentrate on your 3rd eye, and develop an altered state of being."

"Third eye?"

It is the oculus to the soul."

"To the psyche or of the soul?" I smiled so very sweetly.

"Just meditate. You'll happen out one day."

I accepted that, but asked him what I make next, after I meditate, happen my 3rd eye, and attain an altered state.

"You listen."

"To what?" The conversation wasn't exactly inspiring.

"You listen for the voice," Daniel my dear friend raised his eyes, breathed deeply and added, "to the voice within."

"What if I make not hear it?" I thought it was a sensible question.

"You will! You will! If you pattern diligently every twenty-four hours for 15 proceedings in the morning time and again in the evening, I assure you, it will happen."

I am hesitating to acknowledge that I tried it. How could it ache me? It might even be interesting. This was back in the 80's when speculation was not the hot emphasis fellow it is today. Now I read about the benefits in almost every wellness and fitness article I see. Back then it was portion of 'spooky', New Age.

It was not easy to do. Sitting still for 15 proceedings was extremely hard for me. Being a communicator, I happen it nearly impossible to sit down still, much less be quiet. I decided to give it two weeks. After that time, I was about to give up, but decided to seek it one more than time. I settled comfortably in a chair, breathed deeply, concentrated on my breathing, and allow my head travel in its ain way with my ideas weaving their ain pattern. I could experience myself becoming more than relaxed, and was about to fall asleep when I heard a faint sound. It wasn't audible, it was more than like a perception, and yet voice like. I listened carefully, labored to hear, then suddenly it was loud and clear, saying,

"Why are you sitting here? You should be out determination a job."

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