Thursday, June 28, 2007

What Happened to the Bees - Why Are the Bees Gone?

Einstein once said that if the bees were to die, we would die in three years. Well the bees are nearly gone now and that is a scary proposition indeed. Certainly, you have heard of the problems with Bee Hive Colonies Collapsing. Indeed, this larva virus has been going on for a while about 15 years and the last decade it has been getting more critical.

The bees are not the only species in trouble, for instance, we see issues with the Lobsters off Maine too where their body armor is having issues. This is most likely manmade pollution run-off, not good. The bees are said to pollinate 15 Billion Dollars a year in crops, although that estimate appears to be low, stated a member of the Online Think Tank.

What is killing all the bees; is it the African Bees that are moving in displacing and killing the American Honey Bees? On the African Bee question; I would say just by observation and logic that the answer is NO. Because the African bees came up from Mexico and there are still many bees in S. Texas and Southern CA, AZ. So maybe the opposite could save them, bringing in the African Bees. Or, maybe the Hurricanes allowed lots of bees to migrate much faster from Central America into the Midwest and north east?

We need to fix this problem, without causing another one, the eco-system and food chain is adaptable, but not on any immediate time scale. So, if things break down too fast, the chain is broken and humans should never forget they are part of it. One thing that concerns me is the "organic cleaners" produced to kill one-cell organisms and bacteria. They sell this stuff to clean windshields of cars, concrete, chicken coops, horse stables, etc.

The Bee is an engineering marvel from aerodynamics, shell and sensors on down. Its ability to work in teams and swarms is fascinating, but the larva are susceptible to foreign things that it has not evolved to fight off, it does not mean it can't, it just is going to take them some time, but they are out of time.

Then there are issues with vibrational energies and frequency waves on the lower end of the spectrum and electromagnetic energy of human power lines; think of all the cell phones and such? What if we built Faraday Cage houses around the beehives and see if they did better; that is one thought to test such a theory and see if this is the problem.

Solar flares might also be a problem? Maybe a thickened atmosphere, might assist them? Maybe the cloudy days along the coasts are assisting them in that regard and they are thriving there, but not elsewhere? Without knowing the exact cause, such as pollution, pesticides, solar flares or vibrational energy pollution then we cannot help our fellow species, the bees.

We need to find out what is hurting their immune system allowing this virus to kill their larva. Butterflies and Bees increase crop yields 30-60% depends on the type of crop. If we lose those yields and are busy growing our own fuel, then in the future humans might have to decide, do we eat or can we drive; ethanol VS food debate. Low crop yields due to low pollination is a critical issue.

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